How to write an essay proposal

A proposal is meant to pitch a scholarly or academic idea to a reader and convince them why it is worth to be considered for reading researching, exploring or reviewing. It is a simple process but not necessarily easy. This article demystifies and explains how you should approach an essay proposal.

Review the guidelines to ensure your message is within the context required by the teacher. The guidelines hint on themes, probably topics or the approach your essays should take. Different instructors require different things from their students thus do not take the guidelines for granted. Select a topic that meets the requirements stipulated by your instructor. The topic should interest you and it should have sufficient information and materials for research.

Conduct your research about your topic from any available authentic and authoritative source. Make notes on your research to aid in citing and referencing your work. Critically evaluate the sources for relevance and credibility. Write down a short explanation on the topic you intend to explore and its relevance to the proposal guidelines. The composition should show the importance of your topic or research. Remember to show your objectives for your research to assert what you aim to accomplish with your research. This short composition serves as your abstract or executive summary of your proposal. Finally, provide a short summary of the research findings and all the information you gathered that support your topic. Show how the information is relevant to your arguments and topic.

Finally, include your bibliography according to the citation standards required. Proofread to ensure grammar is top-notch and any points are clearly shown. Format the paper accordingly and submit for approval.

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