The gallery begins with the episode of snake sacrifice of king Janmejaya after which the story of Mahabharata was revealed to the king by Vasampayan at Taxila. Then the story of Mahabharata with the help of multimedia devices i.e. scenograph, relief works, audio visuals shows etc. has been depicted in the three galleries. The episodes of Bhishma’s terrible vow, Kaurava and Pandava princes in the tutelage of Guru Drona, scene of Lakshgraha, selection of bride or swayambar of Draupadi and the episode of  Mayamahal, a palace which according to Mahabharata was built at Indraprashtha (present day Delhi) by Maya for the Panadavas are the important exhibits of the seventh gallery. The gallery ends with the episode of Game of Dice where king Yudhisthira loses his kingdom to the Kauravas.