—Kurukshetra has a rich heritage of art, architecture and culture as revealed by its artifacts in the forms of stone icons, terracotta, potteries and architectural members. Museum houses remains of the Harappan, Painted Grey Ware (often associated with Mahabharata period) and subsequent Historical periods. The archaeological artefacts recovered from excavations of the mature Harappan sites like Banawali, Kunal, Bhirdana, Balu, Rakhigarhi etc. are also displayed here. Besides this, some exquisite stone sculptures on Krishna-Vishnu theme ranging from 1st to 12th cent. CE recovered from various parts of Haryana and other places associated with Krishna are also displayed here. However, the prime attraction of the archaeological section of the museum is antiquities recovered from legendry city of Dwarka which was the capital of Yadavas during Mahabharata times. The other display of this gallery contains the sculptures from Mathura and sculptures from 1st to 10th cent. CE collected from  different parts of Haryana.